Tuesday, August 29, 2006

On-going Project

Each week you will shoot 5-10 images of interesting typography in your environment. Look at signage (hand-lettered signs are sometimes fascinating as is unique typography), letterforms found in your environment that may not necessarily be seen as letterforms, or other things related to typography that you find. If you do not have a digital camera or access to a cell-camera we will discuss an alternative to gathering images.

I will ask that once a week you email me one image by Monday no later than 6pm and I will post the image to the blog with your name. Please down-size that image to 5" wide at 72dpi as either a jpeg or png file but be sure to keep your original file in the quality that you captured it. Classmates can feel free to comment on the picture through the blog. These images will be used to create a retrospective of your found typography – format to be determined at a later date. Keep all of your images in one folder and you may want to back them up on an ftp, jump drive, or other media so that you will not lose any of them along the way.

Designers who work in a similar style:

[ Ed Fella ]

[ David Carson ]

You do not need to purchase these books unless you wish to add them to your collection. Ed Fella's book is available in the library but I ask that you make copies if you wish but please leave the book for others to view.


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