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These courses (Typography 1, 2 ) include the history, design, and execution of lettering for reproduction. The computer is employed to introduce the student to the basic principles of typographic design and typesetting.

“Typography has one plain duty before it and that is to convey information in writing. No argument or consideration can absolve typography from this duty. A printed work which cannot be read becomes a product without purpose. More than graphic design, typography is an expression of technology, precision and good order.” Emil Rudder

Typography is the foundation of every project, it is the most important item in terms of legibility and transmission of message, however it is the single most overlooked aspect of design. Many feel they are an expert in typography and call themselves typographers without knowing the meaning of the very word. My goal is to teach you how to analyze, evaluate, and deconstruct the typography you encounter on an everyday basis.


Michael Gray, 917 599 6763,

Programs Discussed

Adobe Illustrator CS2; Adobe InDesign CS2


The continued registration of any student is contingent upon regular attendance, the quality of work and proper conduct. Irregular attendance, neglect of work, failure to comply with Institute rules and official notices or conduct not consistent with general good order are regarded as sufficient reasons for dismissal.

There are no unexcused absences or cuts. Students are expected to attend all classes. Any unexcused absences may affect the final grade. Three unexcused absences may result in course failure at the discretion of the instructor.

You are expected to attend every class meeting. Please do not come to class late. Multiple tardies will result in a drop of letter grade. Full information on the attendance policy can be found in the student handbook.


Demonstration of assignment subject comprehension, 25%
Handskills, 25%
Technical skills, 25%
Fulfillment of assignment specifications, 15%
Deadline adherence, 10%.

A, Exceptional; B, Very good; C, Average; D, Below-average; F, Failing


Nov 22, Thanksgiving
Dec 06, Last Class
Dec 13, Junior Survey, 10a – 2p

Materials and Readings

Additional resources will be announced in class and added to the blog.


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