Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Project 3: Reinterpreting an Everyday Item

Choose an item you use in your everyday life, consider the form and how would you change or manipulate it to make it more user-friendly or expressive. After the form is established you will apply typography that is reflective of the item and it’s function. Think about how you can effectively communicate through typography the intention and results of the product. Also consider the way the item is packaged and distributed. Do not be limited by technology, ie: if your item is electronic you are not limited to using only typefaces commonly used in digital displays.

Alexandra Narvaez

Thursday, October 12, 2006

For Next Week

We will be meeting at the Moma between 10-1015am on Wednesday. Please don't show up to class because you will be in the wrong place. We will have a look around one of the exhibits and you will be free to stay and look at the rest of the museum if you like. It does seem to be a full-day place since I've only been through half of it. I will give out the project description there.

In the meantime feel free to send me pdfs or bring print-outs with you on Wednesday (letter or tabloid size is still fine, the actual size won't be until the end of the semester, final review of it will be the following Wednesday the 25th). If you haven't already done so please send me your writing for the type poster, and a pdf of the first type project. If you forgot to pick up the reading I gave out then you can look up the book in the library, The Politics of the Artificial by Victor Margolin, pages 78-89. Read this before class because it will be relevant to the project.